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Help Native American students thrive! Did you know that Native American students have the highest post-secondary dropout rate? One contributing factor is not having a sense of belonging or visibility on college campuses. The Tribal Relations Office is working to create that belonging and visibility by acknowledging our students’ educational milestones, accomplishments, hosting events, and providing opportunities for our Native American students to share who they are. The Office of Tribal Relations strives to promote education while also having cultural activities and exchanges with other Native American students, Native American student clubs, Tribes, and communities.

Support Native students by creating visibility, a sense of belonging on campus, cultural activities, and success in higher education. Native Graduation shows appreciation for our Native students and their academic achievements. Cultural Nights create a relevant space for students to gather and connect with each other on campus while participating in various activities.

How will donations be used?

Your donations will help support Native American graduates participating in a celebration where they are honored with a sash or help support cultural activities and programming on campus for Native students throughout the academic year.

  • $25 covers the cost of one student at cultural night
  • $45 covers the cost of a graduation sash
  • $100 covers the cost of cultural supplies for projects

Make a difference for Native American students: Support Native Graduates and culturally relevant programming on campus!

We're fundraising for Chico State Tribal Relations Office to support Native American Students in their journey to become college graduates! Will you join me in supporting the Chico State Native American students?

Why are donations necessary?

Thanks to our donors, last year we were able to support students to participate in our Native American Graduation Celebration and provided cultural activities for the academic year to our students. We had over one hundred graduates participate in our celebration last year. We have also hosted a monthly cultural night where students made hand-game sets, lanyards, jewelry making, beaded earrings, flatwork, hair sticks, and more!

Your donations helped sponsor these important events and fund the materials for Native American students to participate in these culturally relevant activities. Thank you!

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!

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