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Women of Excellence

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What is Women of Excellence?

Diversity | Knowledge | Empowerment | Leadership

Women of Excellence is a University program that aims to empower, guide, and support women of color at CSU, Chico. Women of Excellence exists to improve persistence, retention, and academic excellence for all participating students. We serve our historically underserved and underrepresented self-identified female students (Native American, African American, Latinx, Hmong, and Pacific Islander).

Women of Excellence flourish from within the Student Transition and Retention Center. The STAR Center exists to provide a place for academic preparation and support for historically underserved students of CSU, Chico. Women of Excellence is an innovative approach to student achievement; the STAR Center provides an atmosphere for educational collaboration and intentional engagement opportunities to encourage academic success.

How will my donation make an impact?

  • $25 Donation - One Book for Women of Excellence Class
  • $50 Donation - One Personalized Padfolio and Commitment to Excellence Lapel Pin
  • $100 Donation - One Sponsored Travel to Conferences
  • $265 Donation - Sponsor a Women of Excellence student!
  • $500 Donation - Bring Speakers to Campus for Women of Excellence Discussions

Support Women of Excellence!

Students within the Women of Excellence program are committed scholars, activists, and campus leaders. The Women of Excellence cohorts experience a variety of career-readiness workshops and speaking engagements before graduating.

Support our Fall 2023 cohort to shine bright with the gift of a Leadership Retreat!

Each Fall, the program consists of a cohort of young women enrolled in MCGS 145: Learning from Women of Color in Leadership. Both introspective and expansive, the course provides participating students the opportunity to engage and think differently about life during and after college. In Fall 2022, 21 young women excelled through the Women of Excellence course, and this Spring we are actively programming and inviting new students to join the program!

How can I learn more?

"Student support programs are vital to the success of first-generation, students of color. It’s important to know that you’re not alone and that the challenges that you’re facing aren’t insurmountable. Programs like Women of Excellence are doing vital work in creating communities of support and success for some of our most vulnerable populations."

"Programs like Womxn of Excellence are important for fostering a sense of belonging and a sense of pride in one's various identities. Creating a space to tell our stories and share our truths can be very beneficial, especially for those from minoritized communities. Having the academic environment to discuss and unpack generational and systemic trauma with other people who just get it is something incredibly healing."

"Programs like Women of Excellence have a special place in my heart because I enjoy spaces where identity and experiences are validated and it creates a community with an open space of womxn alike. These programs help shape how workspaces look and bring more creativity to be able to influence generations of hardworking and innovative womxn to come."

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